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Recording Studio


Bizianes Music is a full scale recording studio.  In addition to learning how to play instruments, you can also learn the exploding art of music production.  Get your hands on the latest technology and learn how to record and master your own album.

Sheet Music
Composing & Arranging

To be able to compose and arrange, you must understand the language of music.  Ear training, note reading, as well as a strong understanding of rhythm and harmony are critical tools of every great musician. 

Interested in growing those skills?  Many of our students have matured from having a casual interest in music to becoming gigging professionals, music teachers, and recording artists.

Regardless of your age or skill level, our instructors are trained, seasoned, musicians who actually make their living playing music and can show you how to do the same.

Girl Practicing Piano
Homeschoolers Welcome!


Bizianes Music is a family-friendly, mentor-minded, music school.  We have served homeschool families for almost fifty years and lessons are available Monday thru Saturday from 8am-7pm. 

Our focus on education is not just limited to reading and playing music.  Your children will learn to arrange and record on the latest technology.  Our instructors use multiple styles of music and cutting edge technology to make lessons engaging and fun.  Let us teach your child play and develop their creative side!

“John showed me the ways in which the great composers (Cole Porter, George Gershwin, Rodgers & Hart, right on down through Motown, the Beatles and contemporary pop composers) all used similar chord progressions. This education helped demystify songwriting for me — while I didn’t turn into Cole Porter overnight, I developed a working knowledge of how a song was put together, and the confidence to try songwriting on my own.”

-Abraham Levitan, Piano Student

“Chris was fantastic to work with. I was interested in increasing my skills within the studio both in terms if software and equipment. Chris was so enthusiastic about sharing his wealth of hard earned experience, we were able to cover a broad range of topics ranging from pro level mixing software to audio cable construction and assembly. I always felt like I was getting access to a truly unique asset.”  

-Michael Parker, Technology Student

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